proper content marketing strategy and sales funne


This might make you look like a boss, but going overboard without understanding how the industry actually operates can lead to detrimental outcomes. While having an office and a skilled staff is critical, making these investments too early can empty your pockets. Why would you need a lavish, expensive office if you don’t have any customers yet? Why launch a full-fledged website without a proper content marketing strategy and sales funnel? 

Investing in your business is important, but what’s more crucial is the sequencing of the budget you choose to spend. 

2. Wrong business location

With most business operations getting digital, new business owners tend to overlook the importance of choosing the right location for your business. They get too caught up in perfecting the office interiors that they underestimate if their location is ideal for their customers as well as the employees. 

Opening an office in an isolated area can help you save some rental costs, but it could it difficult for your staff to make it on time every day. Besides, the money you spend on security deposits and rentals will go into vain if your business is located in the wrong place. No matter how strongly you build your online presence, your business should be physically accessible to at least your local customers. 


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